Upgrade your factory cylinder studs & head bolts to these high performance versions manufactured by ARP for Feuling. Used in all DarkSide high performance Milwaukee 8 builds.

  • Manufacturer Part No: 3024
  • Measurements: 7/16in. x 6.250in. (studs)
  • Heat treated 8740 chrome moly steel studs
  • Special alloyed stainless steel head bolts
  • Designed for maximum performance, horsepower & reliability
  • Reusable with precision J Form threads for optimum engagement to prevent galling & promote more consistent torque loading
  • Kit includes 8 x cylinder studs, 8 x head bolts, moly assembly lubricant & thread sealant


  • Installation requires specific torque specs & methods

Be sure to contact the DarkSide team for expert advice on fitment for your bike before ordering.