The Maximus Direct Link Tuning Key is suitable for all Harley-Davidson models 2001 up & offers:

  • Manufacturer Part No: TR200053-M01
  • Extensive dyno tuning & flash tuning capabilities
  • Reduced tuning time with its auto mapping feature instead of making cell-by-cell adjustments
  • Modifying of fuel & spark tables (front & rear cylinders), AFR, warm up fuel, cranking fuel, closed loop, acceleration & deceleration, rev limiter & knock control
  • Simultaneous modifying of front & rear cylinder fuel & spark tables
  • Detailed data viewing
  • Data logging
  • Save back up calibrations & original map
  • Wideband O2 sensor controller interfacing

* Once assigned to your motorcycle VIN# the Maximus Direct Link Tuning Key cannot be used on any other motorcycle *

Here at the DarkSide workshop, we recommend the Maximus Direct Link Tuning Key for most naturally aspirated builds.

Be sure to contact the DarkSide team for expert advice on fitment for your bike before ordering.